Meet Chef Betsey

In 1977, I co-founded one of the most innovative vegetarian restaurants in the country. The New York Times called Bloodroot “legendary” and Vegetarian Times listed the Connecticut restaurant as one of the best vegetarian restaurants in the nation.

Through the years I have traveled in Europe, Mexico, Canada, Greece, and India. I have a wealth of food preparation knowledge, which was inspired by the regional, cultural, and ethnic diversity of each country’s cuisine. As a chef and forager, my vision includes offering my customers food choices that represent diverse flavors and gourmet quality ethnic and seasonal cuisines with dishes drawn from many culinary traditions from around the world.

During my 25 years with Bloodroot, I co-authored three vegetarian cookbooks. Each of them encourages the beginner or advanced cook to use only the freshest, ripest, locally grown ingredients for maximum nutrition and flavor!

For fifteen years, I was a homeopathic research assistant to a Naturopathic doctor, as well as a member of the National Center for Homeopathy. During this period, I acquired an extensive understanding of nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, and alternative medicine. I soon realized that live foods and healthy food choices are essential for nourishment, weight management, growth, vitality, health, and “good eats.”

I also served as food critic for Merrimack Valley Magazine for two years.

I am available for Media appearances as I enjoy discussing the benefits of cooking organic, seasonal, and ethnic foods.

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